Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP World Cup 2010 ... How do we convert gallons of oil to FIFO points?

Group C                             MP   W    D    L      Pts

     BP                       0     0     0     0      10,000,000(gal)
     Slovenia             0     0     0     0      0
     Algeria                0     0     0     0     0
     United States      0     0     0     0     -27

As I am sure all of you are already very well aware the US is playing BP today at 1:30pm CT. However, since BP starts with a 10 million gallon advantage, and with at most 3pts available per game, and overlooking for now the uncertain conversion factor from gal to FIFA Pts, it looks as if the US are in for a bit of a beating. They are expected to return home with their heads down, tails between their legs, lead (or mercury perhaps) in their hearts, a mysterious achy feeling in their right toe, and miles and miles and miles (in units of miles-squared - or even miles-cubed) of black slime on their beaches.

Many thanks to Michael for creating this score card and analysis!