Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shopping for ______(fill in holiday) is like an annual test of my sanity....need help?

I'm off the hook...kind of... this year with holiday shopping...due to those "philanthropic adoptees" I mentioned earlier...So what do you do when you have someone on your list to buy for who doesn't have nothing (yes...the double negative is intentional)? This shopping challenge is best left to the last minute...yes...last minute!
Here's the deal...
1. Why spend more time stressing when (if you've experienced this dilemma previously) you know you're not going to think of anything during the extra time anyway? Save yourself the stress toxic-whatever-the-hell-it-does-to-your-body! Instead...procrastinate! Or, think of it as...prolonging the inevitable for purposes of self-preservation :o). Works for me!
2. If you can't think of anything anyway...try something new...something you've never thought a mad libs for gift giving...
Think of the easiest person you've bought for in the last couple years and what the item was that you purchased.
Regardless of whether the easiest person liked the item (maybe it's better if they didn't seem to like it in this case), give the same type of item to the hardest person on your list!
3. Spa...
Chances are high that if you're stressing about gift-giving, so are the same people you're stressing over...and who wouldn't like a nice stress-relieving little something (or...if you're my Bob...a nice BIG stress relieving something! hehehe)...Check out
4. I'll do my best to duck out of hellish holiday shopping time to offer a new tip...if I'm capable of thinking of one!