Friday, January 19, 2007

LOVE IT! Know me...know my attempts to MacGyver everything!

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No Dig Gardens (a REALLY cool site with great advice on improving raised bed gardening)

This site is great for those of us who live in an area that's not garden-friendly. I love container gardening on my deck and (since I live in a townhouse) my front "yard" ("s b/c it hardly qualifies as a yard due to years of property (mis)management company's awful choice in lanscaper/lawncare co) can be treated like a big container garden...I believe I will be purchasing some edging so I can really treat it like a raised bed/no-dig garden :o) Definitely check out this's got plenty of great ideas for all levels of green thumbiness ( word!).
No Dig Gardens are the quickest easiest method to get growing!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Better Later than Never...Bill O’Reilly vs the “coolest 8 year old girl in the world”

Read the Article Here:
The Cincinnati Beacon
How insecure is this man?
Honestly, he actually needs to discuss it on his show and bring in an "expert" for backup? Not exactly someone with a lot of um...balls?...intellect?...self confidence?...
you decide :o)
Watch Original Video

Then Watch O'Reilly's (um...she's is it still considered a...) Rebuttal:

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NPR : Applying for Financial Aid

It just keeps getting worse and worse in US Education...
1. No Child Left Behind insures you're an idiot-consumer (My son's kindergarten classroom has a "smartboard...yes...the kind you'd see in a corporate conference room or on CNN--the big touchscreen monitor that the kindergarteners can doodle on it? Chalk, it's soooo 1900s, cold war era, it?...).

Actually, all the classrooms in the school have smartboards (or will have them soon) don't you think that's a great use of education/tax/$? It's a good thing there aren't any needy kids at poor school districts in the US...oh wait...there are...and kid has a 30k smartboard in his classroom?...yes, I'm the parent and I'm disgusted by this type of absurdity-induced spending by subtle federal encouragement (they barely contribute to the district's budget, so it's not like his school needs the federal dollars...they could deny them and be freed of the NCLB...but no...this district touts their smartboards as evidence of what a great district they are...and they don't need federal incentives to purchase expensive crap...they'd probably do it they have encouragement...

Where are the smarty-pants parents/teachers/admin pointing out the stupidity of smartboards in kindergarten classrooms? Guess I be all by myself in this one!

Back to the topic I was posting apologies for digressing!

2. College... interesting story (to listen to online) from NPR about the financial aid madness that grows increasingly confusing by the year!
Click the link below to listen to Michelle Singletary's report:
NPR : Applying for Financial Aid

A Digg of my own! Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen: Listen as BORAT meets NPR!

Digg - Blog: Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen: Listen as BORAT meets NPR!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Outlines of a Revolution - Feminism

A site that's awesome/scary...not sure how I feel about all of the graphics for "feminism"...some a bit too militarized for me...and definitely not for everyone..just thought I'd share my stumble :o)
Outlines of a Revolution - Feminism

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I just found my old ebay profile...hence the ebay ad was a product of this old profile

This one is pretty funny considering how outdated it is, particularly the links (I think Howard Dean as still a presidential primary hopeful at the time I made it!) hehehe...though thankfully aside from having longer, less blonde hair, I still look the same a few years later...that's kinda reassuring :o)
Click on my old ebay logo for the about me page (where I found the profile referenced above):

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Techno-interventions in meditation

Mindware Forum: Health
Check this one out! I love the relaxing mp3 guided meditations before bed, and here's a website dedicated to a ton of similar brain/mind/meditation meets techno for specific/general issues. The only thing that worries me about this one is the fact that we have no way of knowing what it is that the brain (if anything at all) is being told to do (i.e. what if the message is nothing at all positive). Sorry...not trying to be anxiety-woman, just the idea of these ones:

Too margaret atwood for me...though it's only titles that are sending scary signals to I'm hoping the innocuous titles are just that, innocuous! :o)

Monday, January 1, 2007

Eddie Izzard talking about Thanksgiving

Saw this one on Thanksgiving...and loved it!!!
Eddie Izzard talking about Thanksgiving