Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Fuzzy Holiday News! Amid Consumers Who'll Kill for wii-PS3-Moon Sand: YAY!!! Grassroots "Philanthropic Adoption" Program for Holid

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14 days ago-31 kids remained on the Wishing Page of the 200-ish names of grassroots org's Adopt a Child for the Holidays in New Hope, PA. By Dec 19, 292 kids were sponsored! Organizers were surprised again on 19th by more $ donated during drop-off credit large part of success to their daily-updated web site w/ new wish lists newly adopted kids

More Details from my Clipmarks Post (Click to go here Pop! if you'd like!)

I am so impressed by my community I think it’s a "first" for me-feelings of happiness regarding my area as a collective group is not in recent memory. The reason I wanted to put this clip online was to give the orgs receiving presents a plug. Additionally, it's amazing to me that only 14 days ago they were looking for people to adopt the last 31 of the approx. 200 names received.

As of yesterday, the gifts were due and 292 kids were sponsored!
They're shopping today for EVEN MORE kids after they were unexpectedly handed a lot of $$$$ yesterday during the present drop off.

The project's 2 coordinators consistently updated this site from the start date w/ kids' wish lists beyond its end, attributing their web-usage to the amazing results.

This program has certainly made this holiday much more fun than it has been in the past. I just wanted to share some good news to brighten the holiday-outlook for a few others!