Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NPR : Applying for Financial Aid

It just keeps getting worse and worse in US Education...
1. No Child Left Behind insures you're an idiot-consumer (My son's kindergarten classroom has a "smartboard...yes...the kind you'd see in a corporate conference room or on CNN--the big touchscreen monitor that the kindergarteners can doodle on it? Chalk, it's soooo 1900s, cold war era, it?...).

Actually, all the classrooms in the school have smartboards (or will have them soon) don't you think that's a great use of education/tax/$? It's a good thing there aren't any needy kids at poor school districts in the US...oh wait...there are...and kid has a 30k smartboard in his classroom?...yes, I'm the parent and I'm disgusted by this type of absurdity-induced spending by subtle federal encouragement (they barely contribute to the district's budget, so it's not like his school needs the federal dollars...they could deny them and be freed of the NCLB...but no...this district touts their smartboards as evidence of what a great district they are...and they don't need federal incentives to purchase expensive crap...they'd probably do it they have encouragement...

Where are the smarty-pants parents/teachers/admin pointing out the stupidity of smartboards in kindergarten classrooms? Guess I be all by myself in this one!

Back to the topic I was posting apologies for digressing!

2. College... interesting story (to listen to online) from NPR about the financial aid madness that grows increasingly confusing by the year!
Click the link below to listen to Michelle Singletary's report:
NPR : Applying for Financial Aid

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